Soon to be 2018!

Can you believe that it is Thanksgiving next week? 

And Christmas is only 5 1/2 weeks away! I was finally awakened to this fact as I was jotting down appointments on my soon-to-be outdated planner. 
front of calendar
I just received calendars from Legacy with my artwork and wanted to pass on that, if you are looking for a faith-filled calendar with uplifting verses from the Bible that match my watercolor art, here is one place you can buy the 2018 calendar, "Faithful Heart and Home."  There are more places to buy it, too; just google.
back of calendar which shows the 12 months of illustrations/verses
There is also a smaller magnetic version, but this large wall calendar is of high quality textured paper with beautifully printed pages of my original watercolor art that is nice enough to frame!
Meanwhile, enjoy the last days of autumn and have a blessed, joyful Thanksgiving!