A Tour of America

Hurray! It seems it is time to dust off a book manuscript started a couple years ago and get back to work refining the story. An editor of a large publishing house has asked to place it in front of their board for publication. It is called "The Heart of Hometown America."

Although all of my books are dear to my heart, this book is special. It is a bit scary for me, as it will not have any colored illustrations, just a few photos and sketches. It is a full, non-fiction novel. What is it about?

Ordinary people serving God in extraordinary ways.

People finding strength in the gifts and talents they've received from God to help their own community.

Each chapter has a story of how, what and why a unique service was created, along with heartwarming stories from the lives that have been touched.

In Hilo, Hawaii, the first Christian church in the islands continues to serve their people and keep their heritage alive.
A small church in Nome, Alaska has a "Bible in a Bucket" ministry which serves twelve remote Yupik eskimo villages by snow machine and dog sled.
Only a few years old, the Cowboy Church in Amarillo, Texas, already has touched thousands of lives in a "cowboy" way through holding rodeo workshops taught by world champion bull riders and rodeo contestants.

The first church for African Americans was started in the early 1700's with a rich history and continues to serve their people around the Boston area today. A Jewish synogogue preaches that Jesus is the true son of God in New York City. Near the crime-ridden slums of the Crimini-Green neighborhood in Chicago, a church purchased land for a community center and is slowly changing the neighborhood. The Amish, although appearing separate from their neighbors, actually have a vital role in helping their entire community. California, a state where the minorities are now the majority, has a church that serves its community through their lifestyle of farming. The list goes on throughout every region in America.
It looks like a busy year, as I start my tour of churches, interviews and speaking engagements in only a few short weeks. I start my first visit to an Amish community during harvest season and will branch out from there, ending at the finish line in Nome during the Iditorod next March and then Hilo to warm back up. I love our country, love our people and find it interesting how different, yet alike, the ingredients are that have formed the melting pot called the United States.
Meanwhile, I continue my women's inspirational gift book line. They fill my days with joy as I write and paint about life's celebrations.Have you had a blessing today? I'd love to hear about it. E-mail me or leave a comment when you can.
Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Can you post your schedule? I'd like to see if/when you are coming out our way!

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing about all the churches and the interesting people you meet.