Happy Fall Y'all

It's here. The first official day of autumn. Most everyone I know says it is their favorite time of year. It is mine. Here's some of the reasons why...
Golden autumn mornings cast long shadows from our fir trees in the back yard.

Decorations of nature's fruits, flowers and happy findings.
(I found this cute antique pewter pitcher in Indiana for only a couple dollars. Don't you love successful treasure hunts?)

Fall brings out the crafty side of us. This is a new tea towel pattern for my "Faithful Hearts" line of fabric and home decor.

Shops are decorated so cute this time of year. I got that old pottery jug from an antique store for only $4.00 in Indiana. No wonder the antique shopkeepers travel back there to bring it to our western stores. It was a good thing I took a large, empty suitcase with me. It was just 2 pounds under the airline limit on my return!

Birds enjoy the autumn harvest for more than just feasting.

From our grapevines to mason jars in only hours. Yum!

I've come to enjoy the color orange in the gardens, and, even a spot here and there in the home.
Come autumn, orange explodes!

Take time during the harvest to sit a spell on warm autumn afternoons.
Enjoy the sight, smell and taste of autumn.

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