Crafty Advent Calendars

Loving homemade decorations and gifts, I looked at the little empty matchbox, "there must be something to do with this cute little thing." Seems I am not the only one that thinks so. The following are advent calendars made out of decorated matchboxes. I hope they inspire you to get creative this Christmas.

This is a swag I am finishing...made of large ric-rac, buttons and little matchboxes covered in scrapbook papers and embellishments.

These were made from covering the little boxes and then taping or glueing them together.

Of course, if there isn't time, just decorate the boxes and place them in a cute container!

So, what can you put into these cute little boxes?
  • Little candies and trinkets
  • A word or name from the Bible. Whoever reads a verse at the dinner table with that name in it gets an extra Christmas cookie for dessert.
  • For just couples...something romantic in each box; a long kiss, lunch together, etc.
  • Coupons for good or fun deeds.
Merry Crafting!


sharon said...

So CUTE!!!

Triple J said...

I love your blog page. Wow I forgot how talented you are. Miss hang out. Maybe after the holidays?

Shari said...

OK, so when are we getting together to make one?

Sandy M. said...

Hi Nancy! Thought you might like to know that your Blog was referenced here, thank you :)