Happy Easter

Well, it has been way too long since I posted on the blog. Life seems to have run at warp speed with spring chores and work contracts. I have taken time, however, to enjoy the beautiful spring we are having. The outdoor furniture was put in it's rightful place last week so that I can paint at the picnic table again on sunny afternoons. Whatever part of the world you live in, I hope you are having some beautiful days filled with blossoms, sweet air and birdsongs, too.

I have a long flight coming up in about a week, so I designed a spring garden pattern for another tea towel that I can make on the trip. I plan to embroider it in all one color, probably muted green, on a spring plaid towel.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern, too. If you haven't embroidered one of my patterns, you can click on this link for the full directions and how-to embroider videos from the past blog, "A Year of Tea Towels."
Embroidering these on flights makes the trip much more pleasant and quick. It's a way to keep busy while the family watches their TV, too, or a fun way to pass time while the oil gets changed and tires rotated on the car.

Left click on the pattern picture above. This will bring the picture up larger on your computer screen. Right click on the picture, then click on "print picture." The pattern will be printed to scale.

This Sunday is Easter, and I would be remiss if I didn't wish for all of my readers and friends to have a day filled with God's love and a celebration of joy with their family.
Let our lives be a hymn to this season,
Let our love be a prayer in His praise,
Let our homes be a place
Where His goodness and grace
Are glorified all of our days.
Let our hearts feel the joy that is Easter
Let our unfailing faith be expressed,
Let our thankful eyes see
Just how sweet life can be
And how beautifully, beautifully blessed.