Land That I Love

It's almost summer. Time to open windows and let curtains lap up the warm, freshly-mown-grass-scented breeze. It's also time for picnics and neighborly gatherings on the porch. This tea towel will look good in your kitchen, but also as a nice runner/placemat on the porch table to compliment the flag you proudly fly on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Flag Day, and for some of us, every day of summer. Make some cherry lemonade and enjoy an old fashion evening on the porch with good company or a good book.

This pattern is primitive and simple. If this is your first time, you might want to review the total tea towel embroidery instructions on this past post, "A Year of Tea Towels."

Click the pattern picture below and then, when the larger picture shows on your screen, right click it and it and print the pattern at 100%.

The colors used are: Navy, Deep Red, Deep Gold, Moss Green, Black

This towel was embroidered on a pre-made black gingham tea towel. The flag was first embroidered on muslin, then cut 1/8" from the outer stitching. Threads were pulled out to form outer fringe, then sewn onto the towel. The lamb was cut out of muslin and then sewn onto the towel with a blanket stitch. All embroidery was done with 3 strands of floss in order to have more contrast against the background. The towel was "aged" after completed.
Cherry Lemonade
1 can lemonade concentrate (or make your favorite fresh lemonade)
 2 cups of fresh cherry juice
small jar of marashino cherries
Make lemonade per instructions on can. Stir in fresh cherry juice and juice from marashino cherries. Freeze a cherry in the ice cubes.