I Was a Tourist in My Own Neighborhood

I enjoy everyday blessings; the ones that seem insignificant and can go unnoticed when life is on autopilot. It seems the older that I get, the more I prefer my life to be on an even keel. I no longer need mountaintop experiences and never have enjoyed those low valleys.

Still, whether we're one or one hundred, life will have ups and downs and will never be a smooth, even ride. Our jobs, some home remodelling and keeping up with the maintenance of our small, ageing farmstead has my husband and I working long hours seven days a week. What used to be enjoyable has become a chore. We are becoming "burned out."

What would taking one day off hurt in the long scheme of things? Actually, one week wouldn't hurt, but I would settle for a day. And so, we did. At my husband's suggestion, we took Saturday off and became a tourist in our own neighborhood.

A short drive through fragrant fields of flowers that are grown for seed took us to a nearby restaurant for an authentic German lunch. I learned that my husband is as bad at Trivial Pursuit as I am; it is nice to find out new things about your spouse after you've been married so long! Sausage and kraut for me, a reuben for Glen, and then it was onto the next little town for some antiquing before we hit up one of my favorite haunts; Bauman's Family Farm.

This local farm brought back fond memories of visits with my mom and dad each summer. We would always hit up Bauman’s to gaze at the produce picked from the fields each day, drink freshly pressed cider and peruse the humongous flower baskets grown in their nursery. We watched their farm operation grow with each annual visit.

We returned home refreshed, smiling and full from good food. Just one day of beautiful countryside and quaint homes inspired me to start painting. I can't sketch the visions in my head fast enough.

So, when your life is on autopilot or you are burned out with responsibilities, take a day off. We are not so important that the world can't live without us for a day. One day of peace and delight will sort the priorities of life back into their proper order.


Sharon said...

I love Bauman farms, too! Thanks for the pictures and memories.

Anonymous said...

Glen, the poor trivial pursuit player, says "I had a great time"! Also, I highly recommend the Reuben, it was delicious!
Thanks for a wonderful day.