January Party

What do you get a mother, sister or friend that has just about everything and doesn't want another dust collector? A bit of time and a taste of spring in winter!

As a dark and cold month, it is nice to have a colorful, spring-like tea party in January. A friend is having a benchmark birthday this Saturday, crossing over from one decade to another. What better reason to have an indoor "spring" tea?

You Are Invited...

Bring Spring Indoors

Every age likes to make a wish and blow out the candles.

It's All in the Details
Tea Cookies for Party Favors
The Party Favor Box
A Pleasant Birthday Gift

Don't forget to tell everyone to dress for tea!


Marianne Smith said...

Looks so fun! Haven't had a tea party in years, but it is on my Bucket List. I think I'd like to have it at your place :)

CJM said...

How sweet and cute! You're absolutely right Nancy, it's all in the details!

Thanks for sharing.