Seed Catalog Frenzy

Seed catalogs start filling my mailbox shortly after Christmas. I've learned to order from them early to get the best selection. Pen and paper in hand, I have hopes and dreams of perfectly planted garden beds and a pantry filled with fragrant fruits and veggies as I make out my order on frozen January evenings.

Here are links to some of my favorites along with a little seed catalog trivia...

Did you know that seed catalogs are the most widely-read garden books in the world?

Seed Savers Exchange

The first mail order seed catalog was introduced in 1834.

Territorial Seed Company

Seed companies that have been operating for a century or more include Ferry Morris Seeds (1856), Park Seeds (1868), and W. Atlee Burpee Seeds (1876).

Burpee Seeds


Swan Island Dahlias

Breck's Bulbs

It was the advent of the postal service, mail order houses, and their reasonably priced seeds, made it possible for more people to plant flowers. Prior to that time only the wealthy could afford cut flowers in their homes.

Multiple Catalogs...One-stop Shopping!

Sweet Garden Dreams!

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CJM said...

It's nice to dream about the garden in January, you can almost sense it. Thanks for the links too!