Under the Cloche

Cloches involve two things I love; glass and gardening. (I'm an amateur stained glass crafter) I love to decorate with cloches all year.

Other than starting seedlings in the spring and placing Christmas ornaments in them at the holidays, here are a few other cute uses...

Sunday Brunch with Friends
(notice the cute birds on top of the cloches)

Cake Under Glass

Moss Garden

Sewing Treasures

Winter White

Favorite Garden Items

Sometimes cloches can be hard to find, especially unusual shapes or ones with fancy tops. I find most of mine at a small nursery/gift shop nearby and sometimes find them at spring bazaars. Here is a link to one of my favorite places to order cloches and bell jars:  http://www.englishcreekgardens.com/Cloche1.htm


CJM said...

Thanks Nancy, I like cloches also! The moss garden mushroom is very cute.

Jeanette W. said...

These are truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. :)

Linda M. said...

SO CUTE! I am going to buy one to decorate with. Thanks for the ideas. (Love your blog)