Winter Light

Sad to put away the sparkling lights that cheered the house during December? This year I just couldn't pack my little clear rice lights away with the rest of the holiday decor. Instead, I tucked them among bushes, in dark cupboards and around pinecones in a bowl on the drysink. On timers, they turn on at dusk to greet me after work and then turn off automatically at a set time so that I don't have to remember to turn out the lights at bedtime. I highly recommend this to anyone that lives alone or has the task of lighting and warming the house before anyone else comes home.

Fill bottles or jars to brighten a dark kitchen corner

Pre-lighted twigs add icey sparkle to winter arrangements

Twigs purchased with lights on them

Battery operated, timed hurricane lantern that flickers like a candle
The latest battery operated candles look real when the light is dim. I use candles that have built-in timers; they turn themselves on the same time each day, then turn off after a set number of hours. These are great on bookshelves and on a bathroom vanity.

Battery operated candle with very tiny icey beads that catch the light.
Electric Candle Warmer
The latest candle warmers will start melting fragrant candles from the top while emitting a soft light. The fragrance starts almost immediately, and it is safer than lighting candles. However, the bulb can get hot and, like any appliance or hot wax item, they should not be used without supervision.

Here's to you and keeping the new year warm and inviting for your friends and family!


Kathy said...

Your blog always makes me happy. Thanks for the cheery ideas!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the tips. I especially like those branches with lights. Just a thought...maybe you could tell us where you buy these things or give us links to them?

writerattheranch said...

I agree with Kathy!!!
And you and I must share the same need for some soul-warming light during the winter... Thanks for reminding me to do more with this idea!

Nancy E. Mink said...

Thanks, ladies. Yes, I will try to share where items can be purchased from now on...good idea, Sharon!