Do You Like Sparrows?

I admit sparrows are one of our least favorite birds. They are a nuisance at times and seem way too plentiful. Still, it is hard not to smile as the chubby little balls of fluff flit around the yard.

Common House Sparrow
I happened to see a cute, but frustrated, sparrow try to build a nest on our back porch beam this morning. She awkwardly pranced back and forth with a cumbersome load of twigs. She placed them in just the right spot, then took a few steps away as if to catch the big picture of her new home site. Soon she was performing the same ritual with some stringy moss.

Late Winter Nest Building

I felt pity on her when a Mr. Sparrow snatched the home she fretted over and moved it about two feet down the beam. Little Miss Sparrow just stood by and watched, then went to gather more material, which Mr. Sparrow took from her promptly. "The nerve of him!"

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow

What I didn't know at the time was that house sparrows are monogomous and mate for life! The male is the one who chooses the nest site. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow build the nest, but it is Mr. Sparrow that has the final say as to how and where the nest is built.

Sparrow eggs...sparrows can raise up to four batches of chicks a year!

Both parents feed the young.

Always Hungry

Baby Fuzz
Both parents teach the fledglings to fly.

I will have a new respect for sparrows as I listen to their sweet song!


CJ said...

Well, I also have a new respect for sparrows. I don't think those pictures could get any cuter! It's so nice that nesting AND SPRING is in the air.

Sandra said...


What a piece of heaven you inhabit. I must admit i struggle against envy every time I visit your blog. Usually it's after your talent. Today .. your beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy for the rest of us who are bound to our urban environs.

I will keep an ear tuned for sparrows now, Nancy. And so will my son. When I shared your pictures with him, and we listened to the sparrow song, even he sighed and said "that's beautiful."