False Spring

Each year we get a week or two of sunshine and warmer temperatures in February; we call it "false spring." Daffodils and hyacinths start to bloom as buds on the fruit trees swell. I'm thankful for this time to breath the fresh air and finish late winter garden chores. There will still be frost and cold rain ahead, but the hard winter freezes are over and there are new signs of spring each day.

Daffodills in our front yard usher in the spring

Fountains and birdbaths are filled once again

Paul James from the show "Gardening by the Yard" has these winter gardening tips...

  • Prepare planting beds. Late winter is the ideal time to clean up flowerbeds by cutting back perennials and applying a layer of compost over the beds.
  • Give ornamental grasses their annual haircut.
  • Treating your trees with dormant oil spray can help keep damaging pests and disease away.
  • Prune deciduous trees and shrubs as well as roses. Apply dormant oil spray to those same plants to control various pests and diseases.

    Clean birdhouses ready for spring babies
  • Weed-infested lawns will benefit from an application of pre-emergent herbicide.
  • If you're forcing spring-flowering trees and shrubs into blooming indoors, now's the time to take cuttings.
  • Our colorful mason bee homes full of bees
    ready to work in our orchard
  • Late winter is also a good time to get power equipment serviced. If you wait until spring to have your equipment serviced, the service departments will be busy with the Spring rush. If you start early before the lines begin to form, you will be able to pick up your equipment in a few days rather than a few weeks

No more ice on our pond!

A serenade from my friend

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CJ said...

What great pictures. It's the time of year to be inspired and optimistic! I'm looking forward to the end of winter and the beginning of spring gardening! Thanks for the reminder Nancy and for the pictures!