Happy Vintage Valentine's Day

When I was in grade school, each child would get a list of the students in their class to give a Valentines Day cards to. Mom purchased boxed sets of these little cards at Woolworths, then we'd pour through which ones we wanted to give to whom the evening before the big day. 

Near the end of Valentine's Day we would walk around class and set the designated cards on the students' desk. Everyone got a pile of cards to take home. Some envelopes even had candy hearts inside! 
Most were corny, but all were fun. Here are a few pictures of actual cards that were given circa 1950's...

You wear the 'craziest' hats
They nearly drive me 'bats'
Outside of that you're 'okay'
You're my valentine anyway.



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CJM said...

Those were sweet, THANKS Nancy! Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day!