Sweet Summertime

Summer is exalted with many glorious attributes, but one of the most delicious has to be summer fruit. I noticed a few green berries turned ruby red yesterday morning as if the strawberry patch knew that tomorrow was the first official day of summer. After waiting a year for the juicy berries, the first fruits are eaten fresh off the vine as I do chores outside and pass the patch to and fro. When I've had my fill and the entire patch is more red than green, I'll make strawberry jam and shortcakes and strawberry ice cream.
So, imagine how surprised I was when, at waiting over 9 months for the first sweet, juicy strawberry, I went to the patch and there were no ripe berries. "Darn birds!" I went to check the rest of the garden when I caught the strawberry thief. A bright spot of red caught my eye as a quick squirrel carried his dessert  to a safe branch half way up the fir tree to not only enjoy my fruit, but then scold me to get out of his way so that he could have seconds!

Somehow, you can't stay mad at a cute squirrel licking a big strawberry. However, today I'll place netting over the patch to keep thieves out and hope to be the one eating a sweet, juicy red berry tomorrow in celebration of summer. (ps...I may share with my friend.)


Anonymous said...

This is cute.I didn't know squirrels at strawberries. Happy summer.

CJ said...

Squirrels are so cute, but they can be troublesome. . in a cute way of course. Spring is my favorite time of year! Thank you for sharing you strawberry story Nancy!

Marianne Smith said...

That's a beautiful strawberry he is enjoying, Nancy :) Hope you get to enjoy some, too!
Every year there is a great strawberry festival in Portland, TN. We love to go but there are never any strawberries there to EAT!!! There are giant strawberry statues, people dressed as strawberries, a whole strawberry parade...But we had to stop at a grocery on the way home to GET some strawberries, which by then had become an obsession :)