Blueberry Time!

Blueberry bushAs I weeded the side yard this morning I saw ripe blueberries that I know were green yesterday. Amazing how fast fruit ripens. They are no more, as I popped them all into my mouth.

This will be the first of many gallons of blueberries this summer. The bushes (we have over fifty) are packed with huge berries this year. We'll have a berry picking party with friends, but there will still be plenty for preserves and freezing to use the entire year. With such an abundance of blueberries, we are always looking for some good recipes. Here are two from other friends/bloggers that you will enjoy.



Shelly said...

Thanks for the links; I just picked some blueberries over the weekend. I enjoy your blog.

CJ said...

Our blueberries are getting ripe also! Cherries, Marionberries and Boysenberries too! I think this is the absolute best time of year! Course I've seen a few deer . . and birds! You have to be quick.

Thanks Nancy, always a pleasure.