I Love Christmas Cards

With mixed emotions (excitement, cheers, joy and a bit of angst,) we received our first Christmas card the day after Thanksgiving. I propped it against a pumpkin.

Each year actual Christmas cards mean a little bit more. Not only does the cost of the card and postage rise each year, but the time spent to think of friends and family and to write a special hello seems to be less available. Speaking of postage, it must be that a lot of you agree with sending actual cards. The demand has risen enough now for the USPS to collect cards the two Sundays before Christmas!

I enjoy form letters and emails from casual acquaintances, but I am so happy to see more cards delivered in the mailbox each year. Nothing beats the traditional greeting from someone that took the time to wish you a personal "Merry Christmas."

Here are some nifty ideas on card displays...

Martha Stewart's idea...attach to branches

Ribbon & clothespins
from Little Birdie Secrets

Old shutters and clothespins

More ribbon & clothespins (from Budget Wise Home)

On a hoop with clothespins
By now you are probably saying, "I must buy some clothespins!" You can buy colored plastic ones, miniature ones and old fashion pins, but the traditional wood pins are what I use. Just attach them to the edge of a cardboard box or a sturdy piece of paper and spray paint. Ta-da!
Attach clothespins on cardboard box to paint

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CJ said...

I love Christmas cards too Nancy. I have a hard time forcing myself to sit down and write them though! But, they are a wonderful part of Christmas to me. So far I've just propped them or stood them on our table. Thanks for the Great ideas!