Go With the Flow

First...if you want some uplifting, fun music to accompany you while you read this, click on the pink music player to the right for "It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter."

Well, I finally finished that tabletop quilt to match the Christmas dishes. I knew if I put it away unfinished that it would forever stay tucked in the back of the cupboard just that way, so I forced myself to get it done before starting another project.

"The Lord blesses his people with peace"
quilt with embroidery and applique
Now I get to go shopping for some fun Easter fabric this weekend!

I'm not the only one that procrastinated over the holidays. I just got my sister's Christmas "newsletter" on MLK day! Always nice to hear from her, though.
Then, there is my Amaryllis that just didn't want to bloom at Christmas. Still, it is nice to have bright red blooms during this dreary January weather.

Back yard snowgardeners
And oh, I can't forget the snow! We always get snow by Christmas, but, you guessed it; not this year! Our first snowflakes fell on Sunday and just now are melting away from the incoming Pineapple Express rainmaker. My husband got to stay home (there goes my work schedule!) due to snowy/icy roads. Pleading with him to stop bugging me so that I could get some work done, he emailed me from his new Ipad from the next room, "Look out the window." Now, how could I get mad when I saw this?

the rain is melting my heart!
You know, I think I like a little slower pace. That old "type A" personality gets me into too many stressed situations as I force everything and everyone to conform to my schedule. OK, I now pronounce 2012 as the year of going with the flow.
I plan to
Take time to enjoy life!


CJ said...

Those snowmen look a lot like mine . . homemade! The homemade heart is really nice (sweet)too, but the quilt is fantastic! Nice work.

I think I'll take your advice but I'll call it my resolution . . to enjoy life.

Shari J. said...

Those are some good looking snowmen! Looks like a painting in the making?