One Little Day

What a difference a day makes!

After dark winter days of rain, cold and a few snowflakes, we are finally in our "false spring." It happens every year around this time; sunshine that warms the earth enough that you can smell spring creep ever so slowly into our yard.

This weekend the birds were singing a more happy tune from the treetops after their community baths in the fountain. There were even a few honey bees buzzing the heather and daphne, although they did look a little confused on their first day out of the hive in our old oak tree. We took two adirondack chairs out of storage to relax in after pruning the orchard on Saturday. I even heard the first lawn mowers of the season in the distance. It looks like the whole week is to be springlike, and I'm looking forward to spending my lunch hours gardening. I've got spring fever!

Sigh. I think this should be called our February tease. There are still a couple of months of rain and wind ahead. But more sunny, nice days will get sprinkled in; enough to get my muscles conditioned and the yard in order for spring blooms and summer planting. From here forward, each day will be a treasure hunt for new blossoms that spring forth. Hooray!


Karen B. said...

I want to spend spring on your little farm. p-l-e-a-s-e

Thank you for this blog. You always make me smile, Nancy.

CJ said...

Hooray is right! What a wonderful picture you've painted Nancy :0 ). And those photo's are so inviting.

I have spring fever also and I'm enjoying it! Thanks for brightening my day & the season.