I Love a Good Find

After the usual shopping and errands, my husband and I decided to take a quick look at the nearby second hand store. I have a pact with myself that, unless I know right where something is going, I don't purchase it; even if it is just a few cents. I usually come away empty handed.

Today was different. I found a vintage green flower vase to add to my collection. It is the perfect size, so I will use it often. The big find was two vintage ceramic Easter pieces. I put the cute little ducks on the window sill next to one of my favorite candles.

Speaking of candles, I typically like to burn autumn scents year-round, but they aren't too spring-like in color and I also don't like looking at a big sticker on the jar. I tear a bit of seasonal fabric, tie it on with ribbon and within a few minutes have a no-sew candle jar wrapper. I think the frayed edges add charm. I use the dull side of satin ribbon to make it have an "aged" look.

I hope that you are enjoying a little spring, too...both inside and outside the home!

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CJ said...

I also enjoy checking out the second hand stores Nancy. Although I'm not as good at walking away empty handed :O ) It's almost like a walk through a museum sometimes and enjoyable even if I don't find something useful. I like the vintage ducks you found and THANKS for the candle cover idea.