Amish Handmade Quilts

King Gold Red Moss and Black Compass Reflections Quilt Photo 2I've been blessed with meeting some extraordinary quilters this past year as I write my upcoming book, "Every Quilt Has a Story." One story in this book is of an Amish quilter named Hannah. I met Hannah through a wonderful shop owner in Lancaster, PA, who sells original, handmade Amish quilts.

All of these quilts, and many more, can be purchased at the Amish Country Quilt Shop in Lancaster, PA. The quilts are hand quilted right in Lancaster County. I am not a marketer, but when I find something of such quality that is hand made with love here in the USA, I want to show it off. I'm proud of our American quilting heritage. I hope you enjoy, and get inspired, from these pictures of beautiful Amish quilts.
King Gold Red Moss and Black Compass Reflections Quilt Photo 4
"Compass Reflections" quilt pieced by Dolores Yoder and
quilted by an Amish friend. To purchase this, or read more about
this quilt, click here.
Green and Tan Giant Dahlia Quilt Photo 4
Beautiful, high quality hand quilting.

Amish Sunshine Diamond Quilt Photo 3
A combination of "Center Diamond" and "Sunshine and Shadow"
patterns. More info here!
The Sunshine and Shadow is a traditional Amish pattern, and a favorite of my new quilting friend, Hannah. The colors and fabric in this quilt are typical of quilts made in the Amish community for their own use.
All-Quilted Pineapple Quilt Photo 1
Hand quilted Pineapple design. More info here.
Whole cloth quilts are my all-time favorites. Add to that one of my favorite patterns, the pineapple, and I'm in love with this quilt! Imagine the hours to intricately stitch this by hand!

Plum and Gold Lightning Strikes Quilt Photo 3
Lightening Strikes quilt by C. Jean Horst. More info here!
If you are a quilter, as I am, you know the work that goes into these quilts. Ouch, my fingers cramp and neck muscles tighten at the thought!

King Blue Violet and Yellow Heart of Roses Quilt Photo 3

C. Jean Horst has also written a book with her unique quilt patterns, called "The Heart of Roses Quilt." It can be purchased here.
This is another one of her beautiful quilts...the Heart of Roses.

To all of you quilters out there...

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CJ said...

Those are beautiful quilts Nancy! "The Heart of Roses" Quilt is my favorite of the one's you show but I'll visit that web site. Thank you so much for sharing!