One Bright Autumn Day

It's one of those days I pinch myself. "This is work?"

I've been asked by my publisher to design a couple of easy quilt gift patterns. I cleared the tables, chose some fun fabrics from my stash and started brainstorming; all before 7a.m.! I wouldn't say I'm excited, would you?

It's the perfect day for quilting and painting. There's an autumn mist in the air and a cozy fire warming the sunroom where I'll do most of my work today.

Cotton enjoying the sunrise. 
Walking thru the maples and firs 
First things first, though. Neither sleet, nor hail nor snow...alas, not even a fun day of quilt design, will keep Cotton and I from our morning walk.

Cold blues and winter whites are not far off, so today we thoroughly enjoyed bright autumn hues. We collected leaves from the maples and placed them in my favorite little vase.

The coleus in the window box is still cheerfully growing.

We live in the heart of Oregon wine country. This was supposedly the best year on record for the wine grape harvest. Most were harvested during the past two weeks.
We grow sweet table grapes and grapes to make jelly.

The persimmons are so plentiful that we had to prop up the branches. When the leaves drop, the fruit looks like bright orange ornaments on the tree. That's when they'll be plump and ready to add into delicious recipes.

The figs are ripening nicely. I'll have to share my fig preserve recipe soon. It is wonderful with cheese and fruit for a bright winter dessert.

Peppers, and more my husband's delight!

The last of the apples and winter squash waiting to be stored.

We made a plastic tent for some of the tomatoes, hoping that we will have ripe tomatoes until Thanksgiving.

Rain is looming on our horizon here in Oregon and I hear there is a fierce storm brewing in the east. Wherever you reside, I hope that you get a chance to enjoy the sights and smells of autumn 2012 before they depart with the winds.

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CJ said...

What a nice walk Nancy! The fall colors are beautiful. The fig dessert with cheese sounds tasty, maybe with a pepper seasoning : o ). Have fun quilting!