Tea With the Girls

I recently traveled to California for a quick visit with my mother and two of my sisters. I knew the weekend was going to be packed with fun at the onset, when mom treated us girls to high tea!

I make a point of trying to find at least one tea room when I travel away from home. It’s a treat that I give myself. Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon, California is one of the nicer tea rooms I’ve dined at.

The tea bar consists of about 49 different flavors of tea from around the world.
The tea smells are incredible...wish my home smelled like this.
Linde Lane is not just one room, but at least four rooms that are open to each other, yet private enough to feel like you can carry on a conversation without everyone listening. It used to be the old Dixon Fire Station, which was originally built in 1929. I wonder what those first firemen would say now!

The decor of the tea room is Victorian, and houses custom made chandeliers, furnishings and a one-of-a-kind 8 foot teacup booth.

A booth/table within a giant china teacup!

The "Whimsical Room" has a purple chandelier
There are antiques, some older then a century, intermingled throughout. The retail area features Linde Lane's signature line of products along with hand made handbags, soaps, jewelry and an incredible showing of hats. After all, what is high tea without a hat?

Linde Lane houses a pastry chef and a culinary chef, which must be why their food is so delightfully delicious! Together they work to create amazing menus.

With winter’s chill not far behind, I’ll think often of my fun “girls’ trip” as I sip tea while painting.

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CJ said...

Sounds like a wonderful place for high tea Nancy! I really like the "a cup of friendship" illustration :0)