A Sewing Time-Saver! (basting spray)

As a gal that never has enough time to actually make all of the projects floating around in my head, think of how excited I am when I am "forced" to create and make projects for work. I recently needed to make some projects to insert into my new book. Did I mention that I needed to make them in only two short weeks?

I've had a blast drawing, writing, painting, cutting, sewing and quilting. First, though, I needed to head to the local quilt shop for a few supplies (even though my cupboards are stuffed!) There was a 50% off sale on notions; one of them being a basting spray. I don't want to be a salesman for any brand or item, but I had to share what a time saver this was for me.

I've never been one that likes to baste. I use scores of safety pins to keep the layers of my quilts together while quilting. Many of you know what a pain that can be! I'm not a big fan of iron-on fusible web for my applique, either, although I've found it indispensable in the past.

I was skeptical of this spray. Will it gum up my needle? Is it really re-positionable? If so, is it strong enough to hold the layers until I finish my quilting? Does it really wash out? Is it hard to use?

I was pleasantly surprised that it performed all tasks like a charm. The needle didn't even know it was there. The quilts behaved as if they'd never been sprayed when the project was complete. I will be using it from now on...as long as I get coupons for it or it goes on sale, as it is spendy.

One tip that I have. If you are working on a large project (I would say larger than 36" square,) then I would spray the center of the layers and position the fabric at the center of your project, keeping the sides rolled up. Then unroll the sides and spray them one at a time as you position it, making sure all is wrinkle-free. Yes, the fabric can be completely taken up and re-positioned, but it is tacky and hard to do with large pieces.

Oh, one more tip. I bought a name brand. I didn't want to chance all of the work and expense on something I had not heard of. I'm sure there are other brands that work well, but I used "Dritz" temporary adhesive spray for bonding fabric.

The book? It is Every Quilt Has a Story, published by Harvest House Publishers. I'm excited to say it will be in shops this next year. It's a gift book about friendships and quilting, with a few fun and easy projects to make. Every page is illustrated with my watercolors. I'll tell more, with links, when it is closer to its debut!


CJ said...

Thanks for the tips Nancy! Those sound like fun projects and a delightful book, can't wait to see it.

What a cute Quilt Shoppe too!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your book. I love your blog!

jen said...

will you have some more embroidery patterns soon? i like the tea towels and haven't seen any on your site recently. thanks, nancy. i love your work!