Traditions: Thanksgiving with Grandma

I'm ready! Ready for the smells, sounds and warmth of Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving reflects what I'm thankful for. First and foremost is a happy and loving family. I get to spend a day with the ones I cherish most on this earth. Most of my childhood Thanksgivings were at my Grandma Williams' home. The house was filled with aunts, uncles and cousins. Now it is in my home with my own family that God has so generously blessed me with.

Then, there's the food. Scrumptious and more bountiful than we need or deserve, we eat Thanksgiving dinner for days. It's always the same each year, except for the ever-changing jello salads. Why don't people serve those anymore? I have a fond memory of Aunt Evelyn's strawberry jello salad.
Our menu is probably like yours; turkey with all of the fixings. Then there are the pies, oh my! Pumpkin and pecan, at least.

Except for the family and friends that drop in, Thanksgiving is the same each year. The parade marches through New York and our TV as I cook, board games are played, we take a crisp autumn walk after dinner and, if weather permits, grab the pumpkins throughout our home and yard for the great pumpkin shoot-out. It's a fun game that gets rid of the pumpkins so I can start decorating for Christmas...tomorrow!


CJ said...

I love an old fashioned Thanksgiving too Nancy. Our family's Thanksgiving is one memory I enjoy revisiting. . . except for the jello salad :O )
THANKS for the memories!

Chris H. said...

well I love jello salads and make an old family recipe oorange one each Thanksgiving. thanks for your blog that is always full of cheer. ps.when will you have another tea towel pattern?

Celina said...

I agree! Nancy, we would love to see another tea towel pattern. Any coming?

Nancy E. Mink said...

Thanks! I am glad you like the tea towels. Yes, it's been too long...I'll try to get a pattern uploaded in the next week or two. I'm thinking something retro snowy. It'll give us something to do during those looooong football games :o)