Decked in Holiday Cheer

From what I could see, most of you decorated for Christmas this weekend, as did I! Car after car had trees tied to the top, merry lights twinkled on homes throughout the countryside and shops were bustling with people purchasing strings of lights and eggnog.
While Glen stockpiled firewood for chilly evenings, I grabbed a mug of cheer and the bins of decorations.
Center stage and first to be decorated was the main Christmas tree in the sunroom. Memories gushed out of the boxes filled with ornaments from years gone by. Each year we get a new ornament that signifies something of importance that happened through the year.

This year was the addition of our new puppy, Cotton.
I collect bottle brush trees and place them here and there throughout the house. They make my cloche and watercan collections look wintry and festive.
The feather trees were next. This year I placed teeny LED lights on them. I love that they have a built-in timer. It's cheery to walk out of my art studio and have the rooms of the house lit up automatically!
Of course there are candles everywhere...and I burn them!
There's abundant joy in our home, especially this time of year, because of the one important reason we have Christmas...the birth of our Lord. There is remembrance of why Jesus came to earth that Christmas day long ago in every twinkle of light, gift that's unwrapped and bite of Christmas cookie.