March Tea Towel

March is only two days away! Yet, the Midwest and east are having snowstorms. My friends in California are entering into another drought year and it is more like the beginning of summer there. But here in northwest Oregon, the daffodils and hyacinths are starting to blossom right on cue.
Daffodils along our walk by the perennial garden
Blue skies are interrupted periodically by fresh spring rains. The wind is blowing winter out of here and the robins are serenading spring into our neck of the woods. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Oh, the sweet smell!
Time to decorate for spring!
It's hard to be painting Christmas art right now. I dearly love call-outs for art (I seem to do my best under pressure and deadlines!) and this is a good one, so I will turn on the Christmas music and get in the mood for holiday paintings. First, though, I have to share a new tea towel embroidery pattern I recently designed.
March tea towel
March, with blustery winds and spring rains, is a fickle, fun, frolicking month. So, what better than a girl with her hair and umbrella blowing in the windy March rain.
Just left click on the image above to bring up, then right click and print. If you are going to print it onto transfer paper, be sure to mirror the image (so the writing is correct when you iron it on.)
I put the pattern on a light table and copy onto my flour sack towel with a very fine permanent blue pen, then embroider with three strands of floss. If you don't have a light table, tape the pattern to a sunny window. Embroider, add some spring fabric and ric-rac to the bottom and you have a cute tea towel to give to your best friend or keep yourself.
Use whatever colors you want. This would be cute as  redwork, too.
Well, I better stop looking at the daffodils and get to work on snowmen and ornaments. I'm glad spring is only a few short weeks away! Wherever you may be, I hope spring is in your heart, if not in your yard.


Shari L. said...

Thank you for another cute, cute pattern. I can't wait to make this.

Lyn from Wisconsin said...

I need some spring, so I will make this and hope it comes soon. Thank you for the free pattern.

CJ said...

Spring is definitely in my heart and my mind Nancy! It's in the air but maybe I'm rushing it but it can't be helped! THE GARDEN! COMPOST! Oh Happy Day's!!!

Thanks for another blessing and Merry Christmas too! Keep up the great work!

Mary Sue D. said...

You live in the most beautiful part of the country. I love your yard. Your blog is cheery. I don't do sewing, but wish I could to make your tea towels.

L. K. Hobby said...

That is really cute. I'm making it!