Happy May Day!

It's planting time here in the Pacific Northwest; vegetables, annuals and all varieties of landscape shrubs. Landscape and nursery stock is the number one cash crop for Oregon. Plants thrive in our rich soil, abundant water and mild temperatures.
Iris Fields
Just outside my little town are fields of flowers, rows of well-pruned topiaries and acres of nursery seedlings in bloom.
I should be preparing for a large trade show I'll be attending in only a few short weeks. Instead, I'm taking off to enjoy one of my favorite days of the year; May Day!
If you visit my part of the country, there are many gardens and farms that are a must-see. I'll be touring most of them. What inspiration for paintings! Here are some of my favorite places to see this time of year...
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens
Deepwood Gardens
Deepwood Gardens
Schreiners Iris Gardens
Peony Gardens near Salem
Most have gift shops, sell cut flower arrangements, plants and some, such as Deepwood, offer a high tea the first Saturday of each month and for special occasions.
I hope that you, too, take some time today to smell the flowers and fresh spring air. Life's too short to not enjoy these colorful gifts that God has given us.

Happy May Day!


Anonymous said...

We vacationed Oregon last summer and it is GORGEOUS! Someday I want to go back in the sprng and visit these places. thank you for the nice blog.

L. said...

I am looking forward to finally meeting you at the trade show :0 L from E

CJ said...

Beautiful pictures and places Nancy, I can see how they would be inspirational! What a wonderful time of year! Thank you, as always, for sharing and giving me some inspiration and a smile.