Memorial Day Blessings

Can it be Memorial Day weekend already? Our weather has been so cool and rainy that it seems more like March. Still, there is fun to be had with family reunions, barbeques and chilly campouts.
Although it seems the media and most of society has forgotten we still have soldiers fighting for us, we should not forget the sacrifice they are giving and their families that will be spending this weekend without their loved one.
I am the wife of a Vietnam vet and my father served in WWII. I'm one of the lucky ones; neither were harmed in wartime. But there are many families that can't say the same and are grieving, especially when holidays such as Memorial Day refresh memories and longings. Please pray for our soldiers, their families, and the families that have lost a precious one while protecting our freedom and happiness.
And, most of all, enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, for after all, our comrades in uniform are placing themselves in harm's way so we can!
God bless the men and women who are serving our country, and the families that love and miss them.


Jill said...

I love this art. Do you sell prints?

CJ said...

I love the art also Nancy, but in this case, the message I'm taking home is honoring our soldiers and thier families. I attended a family reunion and visited family cemetaries this weekend and more than one of the graves were for soldiers who died protecting our freedoms. Thank you Nancy for reminding us with such wonderful words and art.