Every Quilt Has a Story - quilt show and book signing

This last Saturday was a day to remember. My book, "Every Quilt Has a Story," published by Harvest House Publishers, was released to bookstores and shops throughout the country (actually, throughout the world) on July 1, 2013. So, Saturday kicked off the book signings at the world's largest outdoor quilt show in Sisters, Oregon.
Quilts on every building. It was a beautiful 77 degrees and sunny.
The whole community helped hang quilts; even the firemen!
The signing brought so many wonderful people my way. I heard some stories of quilts and quilters that would have been great in the book; it is so true that every quilt has a story. hmmm...maybe a sequel someday?
Quilts filled with stories and memories called out to thousands of admirers.
"Quilts were draped over every available time-worn porch railing while hundreds more swung on ropes tied between Ponderosa Pines. With the help of a cool mountain breeze, they gently waved to me as my husband and I drove through the quaint - and on this day, most colorful - gold rush town. I succumbed to their beckoning as if they said, "Come closer. See our beauty and hear our stories."
first page from "Every Quilt Has a Story."

God's gifts of talent and beauty amaze me!

That is the first paragraph of my book, describing when I unexpectedly happened upon my first quilt show, which, by the way, was this one in Sisters! Some fifteen years later and I was back again, this time signing books that talked of the quilts and their makers.
I didn't know signing books could be so much fun
If you would like one of these gift books, you can purchase them at most bookstores, or at the following links online:
Many names on my notepad from purchasers (so I spell them correctly :0)
 This page is a treasure that will go into the scrapbook.
My hosts were the wonderful ladies at The Hen's Tooth. What a beautiful shop they have! If you ever get to Sisters or Redmond (they have shops in both towns) you must stop in and say hi. They actually sold out of their copies of my book during the signing. What a nice problem to have! Don't worry...they have more now, and I signed them, so stop in soon to get your originally signed copy.
You just know this is "the right gift shop" by the scent that greets
you as you open the door
With all of the busy-ness of the day, I didn't have much time to look around and shop The Hen's Tooth. That was a tad disappointing! But wait! My gracious and generous hosts, Heather and Debbie, gave me some beautiful parting gifts. They must have seen me drooling over this beautiful scarf and their gorgeous pins!  
You will see me in this scarf at my next signing.
Thank you to all of you at The Hen's Tooth!
A big thank you to everyone that visited me during my signing. A huge thank you to Heather, Debbie and all of the gracious gals at the Hen's Tooth. (the lunch and cookies were delicious) And, thank you, Lord, for sending so many blessings my way this last weekend.

Attract Butterflies

It seems there were many more butterflies in my youth than now. What has happened to them? Have they had similar collapses as the honey bees? I see at least one butterfly each time I go outside, but there really should be more, don't you think?
Butterfly on a zinnia
I know the basics of how to attract butterflies, but thought I'd see if I can do even more than just planting some of the flowers they like.
Monarch on a zinnia
The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center has a nice interactive map that shows what flowers will attract butterflies in your area; just click on your state on this map. Butterflies are attracted to flowers by the amount of ultraviolet reflection they emit. I have the best luck with bright zinnias, butterfly bush and marigolds.

Hanging Butterfly Feeder
courtesy of "Home Science Tools"
Did you know you can feed butterflies? One solution is 10% sugar-water solution (1 part sugar to 10 parts water), and add a pinch of multivitamins from a children's vitamin capsule. Or, use Gatorade with a little sugar added—about 1/2 teaspoon per cup. Here's an easy DIY butterfly feeder to hang off a tree branch.

I thought this was a pretty feeder.
Courtesy of Duncraft
They also have a nectar recipe
Flutter by,
Floating flower
in the sky.
Kiss me with your
Petal wings

Whisper secrets,
Tell of spring.
Author Unknown