End of Summer Getaway

Soon it will be "back to school time;" children dressed in colorful rain slicks waiting at the bus stop by our home, pumpkins on porches and crisp autumn leaves covering the woodland floor. I see signs of an early fall here.
The blueberry bushes and Japanese Maples already have a tinge of red and the pumpkins are ready for their debut.  
Pretty... but I love our summers and am always sad to see them go. 
Newport, Oregon
We decided that it was time to take a trip to the beach not far from where we live for one last summer getaway. It was just what the doctor ordered for hectic lives.

19 years of blessings

Headed out to sea near Newport, Oregon
We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary deep sea fishing, and the rest of the time was spent on long walks and lingering gazes at the beauty of the sea.

Throwing the crab pots overboard.
Newport is Dungeness crab capitol of the world!
We are headed home with a cooler filled with fish and our minds and bodies refreshed.
And, as much as I don't want summer to end, I love autumn, too, and am looking forward to all that wonderful season will bring.

Back to painting pumpkins!


CJ said...

What a wonderful getaway Nancy! Those pictures are awesome! Newport sounds like a memorable place to visit and enjoy. Thank you so much for the smiles and postive thoughts to start my day! I'm looking forward to seeing those pumpkins too. :O)

writerattheranch said...

I always feel more relaxed after I read your blog posts! Thanks for that, Nancy!