In a Pickle

No matter how much I plan for the end of summer canning, preserving and pickling, I seem to be surprised and a little bewildered at the busy-ness of this time of year. 
After planting the little seeds just a couple of months ago, I fed, watered and weeded all summer while watching my "babies" grow. I find myself in the kitchen at the oddest times to pickle and preserve around my work schedule; I can't bear to let any fruit or vegetable go to waste. 
Have you picked tomatoes by flashlight at 5 in the morning or filled hot jars with pungent pickles while on the phone with a client? I'll be glad that I did come winter.
I treasure simple, time-saving recipes for preserving which I've collected from magazines and books throughout the years. Right now I'm pickling...dills, sweets, and something new; a sweet and spicy jalapeƱo pickle relish. I think it will be zesty in potato salad or on a hot dog.
If you don't have time for making old fashion pickles then try Ball Canning Mixes or Mrs. Wages mixes.
They're truly a huge time saver. I use them in a pinch, but still prefer pickling from scratch when time allows.
Flowers surround my vegetables and sunflowers gaze from the middle of it all.
I hope your garden has been a joy this summer and you are now tasting the fruit of your labor.


Jane said...

Those pickles look good. I've never canned. Do you have a recipe for beginners?

CJ said...

That jalapeno relish sounds like it would be delicious on a hot dog Nancy, hope you'll pass along the recipe. I have not canned or pickled yet either but think I might give it a try next summer.

I'm loving the tomato's from our garden, you just can't buy that flavor.

Thanks as usual, for the inspiration!