Hopeless Collector of Memories

As I open the doors to my home, you'll see that my husband and I are hopeless collectors.
The lavender we dried in July still smells delightful in January!
The gardener and nature lover in me enjoys creating vignettes throughout my home with collections from the gardens and woods around us, while the romantic side of me enjoys collecting vintage vases, dishes, and other containers to grow and show the nature that I collect.
All things "garden" in our sunroom
Most have a wonderful memory associated with my grandparents; jadeite dishes that grandma Jennings used as their everyday dishes and depression and carnival glass my grandma Williams displayed in her loving home. There's also the vintage flower vase collection; just because I love fresh flowers in cute little vases!
Some of my vintage vases in paint studio B
My husband collects books, coasters and cups from fun places we visit or from memories of his childhood, walking sticks, hat pins (the manly hiking-hat type) and rocks. If I took a closer look into his study, I imagine I'd be amazed at what other prize collections he has hidden in there.
Tiny lights among mason jars of botanicals above my kitchen cabinets
Now is time to pack away the Christmas decorations and store them in the barn until next year. That can be a bit depressing, seeing as how we have the bleakest month of the year greeting us now. I've never liked January...until now. I enjoy sweeping out the Christmas tinsel and placing my collectibles in all the nooks and crannies after filling them with all the beauty of nature; pine cones, evergreens sprayed with "snow", and flowers from the market.
Battery operated candles on timers are cheery among the clay pots
Pretty lamps, a few discreetly placed strings of white Christmas lights and cheery battery operated candles are on timers to chase away the many dark hours. The fireplace and wood stove flames dance away the chill of winter snow and ice.
Fires warm the body and soul while the snow flies outside our window
It's a good time to not only display those fancy tea pots, but to keep a pot of our favorite tea sipping-hot to warm us as we merrily work through the dreary month of January.
I love everything to do with English teas
And, what is tea without cookies? 
Lemon snowball cookies
Here's a recipe for melt-in-your-mouth cookies that are tart, yet sweet, and a favorite of mine to go with a cup of Earl Gray or Constant Comment tea. Click on the recipe image to enlarge and print.
There's something exhilarating in the juxtaposition among the found, the collected and the natural. Since we all tend to collect something, I hope you find a creative springboard to brighten your winter's day.


CJ said...

Well Nancy, thats all the incentive i need to make some Lemon Snowball Cookies! Thank You! Thanks for easing my own collectors guilt (clutter - NOT) too. I'll have a smile for January now. Happy New Year!

Joy Hall said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog and left a comment because it enabled me to discover your blog and art. I'm really humbled after seeing your beautiful watercolors. You, my friend, are the gifted one!

Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment.