Happy Spring!

Yippee...it's spring! 
Our birdhouse in the middle of the blueberry patch
We had a lot of ups and downs here in the pacific northwest corner of Oregon this winter, with record rain at times, then snow, then sun and back to rain.
On the kitchen windowsill
But, finally, spring is here! And it is shaping up to be one of the most beautiful springs in years. 
One of sunsets
Our evening sunsets are only outdone by the many rainbows we have when a stray, fluffy white cloud decides to sprinkle our flowers.
I collect cloches...and most everything garden-y
The smells are heavenly...sort of a grass mixed with peach, plum and cherry blossom fragrance.  
I want one!
 A nice surprise (actually about eight surprises) are the wee baby lambs our neighbor's sheep had just a few days ago; pristine-white and velvet-soft bundles of fluff with tiny little baby lamb bleats. 
Our front porch (with one of the flags I painted)
Time to get out in the sunshine and capture this beauty in a painting. I hope that you, dear friends, have a beautiful spring, too!


Teri L. said...

You live in such a pretty place. Enjoy!

CJ said...

Spring is my favorite season Nancy. The smells and anticipation of gardening. You've captured it in your blog. Thank you so much! HAPPY SPRING!