Happy Birthday, Cotton

It is our "little" (85 pounds!) Cotton's birthday.
She's two years old today!
Seems only yesterday she came to us as one cuddly bundle of baby cotton fluff.
This yellow lab is quite a talented football receiver.
She's a fun travel companion (and loves shopping!)
Cotton takes time to smell the roses and...
the tulips.
She has never lost a fight with a snowman.
Cotton's a proud gardener
and a beautiful dreamer.

And here's a yummy dog treat recipe that is gluten free; a good recipe for a puppy who has a sensitive system, courtesy of Stockpiling Moms


CJ said...

That is soo CUTE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COTTON! Thanks for another uplifting blog & smile to start my day!

Anonymous said...

What a darling puppy! Happy Birthday, Cotton!