Too Nice of a Day

It is one of those delicious days. The second-to-the-last day of spring (sob) with deep blue skies and a slight breeze that beckons me to step outside my studio for some adventure.

I've got a couple of art collections due for submittals by the end of the month. I could, should, would play after the submittals are done. However, you can never have too much inspiration which leads to creative painting which leads to contracts, so...I think I'll go get inspired!

What to do, what to do. I've been meaning to plant the rose that I purchased a couple of days ago. My youngest sister and I went to Heirloom Roses nearby and bought a fiery orange rose to accompany the purple lupins and sages in the front perennial bed.

Of course, maybe I can talk Glen into taking the day off with me and we could head for the beach. Maybe some clam chowder for lunch and a nice, salty piece of driftwood for Cotton?

A beautiful little hour's drive and we can be here...Cannon Beach! hour the opposite way and we can be here...Columbia Gorge! It's been awhile since we hiked to the waterfalls.

Or...turn southeast and in an hour we can be here...Mt. Hood!

An hour northeast is Portland. I'm hardly ever in the mood for a big city, but I do believe that Portland is the prettiest "big city" I've ever been to, with roses and old lamplights lining the streets and Mt. Hood in the background. Maybe a nice dinner at the grill at the top of the bank tower?

So much to do, so little time! 

I'm covering up the paints, grabbing my camera and taking off the day for adventure this second-to-the-last day of spring 2014. Not sure where, but that's half the fun!


susan b. b. said...

You just inspired me to go out and enjoy spring while we have it, too. Enjoy your day, Nancy.

lulu from cal said...

california has had summer for a long time. no spring winter or fall just hot brown dry. u are lucky 2 live in such a pretty place. do u give tours :o) enjoy the last days of spring!

christi in boston said...

Sometimes a person needs to stop and smell the roses. Thanx for reminding me of that. Enjoy your adventure.

CJ said...

Thanks for the inspiration Nancy! I like your logic & attitude : o )

That rose is beautiful!!