Fruity "Mincemeat" Pie

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! As many of you know, this is my very favorite holiday!
It wouldn't be a traditional celebration in our house without both pumpkin and mincemeat pies. This recipe is full of yummy fruits that soak in spices and rum up to two weeks before the big day. 
Here's my easy recipe that smells heavenly and has a festive holiday flavor:
This makes enough filling for a 9" deep dish pie.

Mincemeat filling
Refrigerate for 2 weeks.
You can make small individual pies (freeze some)
Don't forget the whipped cream! I add a little rum to whipped heavy cream, but you can also add either rum or vanilla to store-bought whipped cream that comes in a tub.

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CJ said...

The recipe sounds delicious & something to help build the excitement & tease the tastebuds Nancy. I will start mine tomorrow morning!

I love the Thanksgiving bird design, is that a chickadee? Its beautiful!

Thanksgiving is my favorite also, thank you so much for helping my family & I to celebrate Thanksgiving.