Yummy Birthday(s)

These last couple days have been filled with birthday fun. It started the day before my birthday. Painting was interrupted by a heavenly smell coming out of the kitchen. I stepped out of my studio just in time to catch this!
And, this! 
(Not to worry...beaters were soaked in bleachy water)
That afternoon, lemon icing was dripping down Glen's delicious masterpiece...
And then, final touch; a topping of freshly picked raspberries from the berry patch....
We couldn't wait. We had our own high tea with lemon-raspberry cake and a steaming cup of earl grey tea. You can get his easy-to-make recipe for Glen's Lemon-Raspberry Cake here. 
Glen's lemon-raspberry cake with fresh raspberry jam filling
I decided to turn out the lights in the paint studio early and get some fresh air after such a decadent snack. I noticed even our trees were all lemon and raspberry!
One of our many sunset maples
One of our silver maples
The stately red maple; a Christmas present from my in-laws
A beautiful autumn day greeted us again the next day, my birthday, so we had a beautiful country drive through golden vineyards and a visit to some fun shops. Cotton lives for drives such as these (and also licking cake beaters, I found out.)

Time to greet the paparazzi
You may have seen her recently on some social media sites. "Her Coolness" gets a lot of pictures taken in her Doggles.

Getting older doesn't bother me a bit, especially with celebrations such as this!

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CJ said...

What a nice surprise Nancy! Wouldn't mind a birthday treat like that. And Cotton is so cute!

Thank you (& your family) for another uplifting blog & a smile for me : o )