The Color of Red Velvet Cake

Yes! Pantone's color of the year was announced this morning, and I am in love. It is rich and delicious; the color of sumptuous red velvet cake...

It's called "Marsala" number 18-1438 TCX. 
It's not quite brown, not quite red; sort of an in between color that will go with about anything.
I think it is a classy color.
I can't wait to incorporate this into my art. 
With that inspiration, I'm off to paint. I have three 2016 calendars designed that need to get out. hmmm...maybe a little marsala can be worked into the borders.
I hope your day is as sumptuous!

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CJ said...

YUM! RED VELVET CAKE! Do they have a color with that name? I'll look for your calendars Nancy. Thanks for a nice start to my day : o )