A Wonderful Holiday

Christmas this year was extra special. Glen came home from surgery just in time for us to enjoy a good, old fashioned Christmas with all the trimmings. My only complaint is that I'll have a couple more pounds to lose from all of the good food.
Right on cue, snows are forecast to arrive the first week of 2015 along with a big arctic chill. Glen's already stacked plenty of firewood and we've made our errands to gather goodies to help celebrate New Years.
And this is the result of one errand! Ingredients for a real New York cheesecake which Glen made for us. It was his first try at making a true cheesecake.
A topping of our cherries picked last summer was added. It was creamy, not too sweet and oh so decadent. As an amateur cheesecake connoisseur, I have to admit this is one of the best I've had. I can't believe my husband made this...am I lucky, or what? Actually, blessed is the word. 
A little bubbly to toast the new year, which we expect to be filled with many wonderful things.

I finished a new holiday art collection just before 2014 ended, and within one day of the submittal it looks like it may already have a major home decor license! Now I have a clean calendar and canvas to paint more new collections right after I get home from the large home and gift show in Atlanta this next week. I'm excited to get inspired and meet with so many licensees I've worked with over the years. I'll hopefully have many pictures to share about the Atlanta show...next blog!

For now, I hope that you are also enjoying having a clean canvas in front of you to make 2015 a year that can fill your life and those you love with joy.


Deb C said...

I can't wait to see your new art collections. Can we get a peek at the one you just finished? I love your art. Happy New Year to you!

SoCal Gal said...

I have some of your dishes. I also love your art. Happy 2015!

CJ said...

That cheesecake looks sooo good! And your husband made it after surgery! Yes Nancy you are blessed. But i have a feeling that your husband feels blessed too. So glad you had a wonderful holiday & are looking forward to the new year. Thank you for the wonderful blogs, please keep them coming. I have your dishes also, so wonderful to serve holiday dinner on them. Good luck with your new collection, i'll be looking for it.