Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

H-E-L-L-O sunshine! It is the middle of one of my favorite months...February! That means spring has started in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Today I joyfully celebrated a day I have looked forward to for over three months; the first mow!
With temperatures slightly over 60 degrees this past week, purple plum, primroses, heather and sweet almond blossoms are in glorious bloom. But, none outshine the dancing daffodils!

I basked in sunshine and sweet smells of freshly mowed grass...

while my favorite bird (if I had to choose, which is almost impossible) serenaded in the warmth of the sun.
A ruby red-throat hummingbird spent the winter with us, and he follows Glen and I wherever we travel throughout the property. Glen named him Biscuit. He constantly chatters from the treetops, scolding us when his nectar is low and chatting the news of what's happening in his little world. Biscuit kept me company as I picked a cute little bouquet of miniature daffodils.
Biscuit totally ignores our yellow lab, Cotton.
I plan to spend my lunch hour outside again today; a beautiful way to get inspiration from heart to hands for a new painting! 

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CJ said...

What a wonderfully happy outlook you have Nancy. Thank you for sharing part of it. Please say hello to Biscuit.

Thank you for another nice visit.