Happy Thanksgiving in June!

Today is the first day of June, an unofficial summer day to most of us. We've had a beautiful spring with temperatures in the 70's and just enough showers to keep everything lush and green. Today, though, is a cool high of 63 degrees and rain; a perfect day to celebrate our second Thanksgiving. We plan to place the turkey in the oven at noon,with all of the usual Thanksgiving dishes to follow. The only thing missing will be the pies because we are all trying to watch our weight (shorts and swimsuits have their way of doing that!)

Why second Thanksgiving today? First, we were unable to celebrate holidays for two years due to Glen's illness. He was either in the hospital or in recuperation. So we agreed that we'd celebrate everything...holidays, birthdays and milestones, twice this year. Today just so happens to be mid-way between Thanksgivings!

Second, at Thanksgiving we bought a couple of extra turkeys at rock-bottom prices and kept them in the deep freeze. Now, we're hungry for a good turkey dinner and, most of all, for the delicious sandwiches, pot pies and casseroles which follow.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, I planted sweet potatoes for the first time this year. I urge all gardeners with itchy garden fingers in late winter to try growing their own. Early in February I started the slips in mason jars on a sunny windowsill. It took a little over two months to have slips with good roots large enough to transfer to a small pot. Then, just last week, Glen prepared the large pots with a mixture of loamy soil and sand, then the sweet potatoes were planted in their final home. They will thrive on the hot rock patio this summer, and we will hopefully have fresh sweet potatoes to eat all next fall and winter!
little sweet potato slips will be beautiful vines soon and, hopefully,
sweet potatoes down under come fall!
Before I help get that turkey prepped, I must get back to work painting a new art collection; one of my favorite things on one of my favorite days! (My friends, family and blog followers know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.)

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CJ said...

I LOVE IT! Turkey is so good at Thanksgiving and all of the yummy leftovers! Why don't we have another holiday involving turkey mid year? Thank you so much Nancy. I have to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year also. It isn't just the turkey talking. I love the weather, I love the family time. I especially love that we take a special time to give thanks for all the blessings we have received over the year.

Thank you again Nancy for such uplifting blogs. They fill my day with joy.