Tis the end of summer and the season for plump...
a 10' high sunflower in Glen's garden

plump, juicy peaches ready to devour

One of the dozens of tomatoes in Glen's garden that take almost 2 hands to hold!

Cotton's soon-to-be Halloween pumpkin is growing about an inch a day

 I'm a fan of chubbiness...aren't you?

Autumn's Calling Card

This morning autumn left a calling card. There was a bright orange and yellow leaf right outside our front door! 
Autumn didn't stay for a visit, though; only long enough to let us know it will be back soon. Today is to get very warm and there are still more rosebuds that insist they get their due time in the sun. 
But, from a glimpse of the maple trees between towering pines, it's clear autumn is coming back soon. Shadows are long in the morning and evenings are crisp. 
We just harvested pears and soon the home will smell of fresh apple pies compliments of the Granny Smith tree. 
For now, Cotton, Glen and I intend to savor every last moment of summer with a planned adventure Cotton's favorite swimming hole.
We hope that you enjoy the waning days of summer 2015, too. Autumn is sure to be knocking at the door soon!