Autumn Beauty at Dawn

As I sipped my first cup of coffee this morning, everything in the room turned to a coral hue. I looked out the sunroom window to find a perfect rainbow in the western sky.
I grabbed my tablet. Cotton and I scurried out the door to view the beauty that God sent us this autumn morning. 
Rainbows, sunrises and sunsets are all the more special because, like a flower, you have to enjoy them in the moment; the beauty doesn't last but through a couple of sighs. No photographs or words can do them justice.
As we turned away from the western sky, the sunrise in the east was just as spectacular. The small storm last night blossomed into a beautiful morning.
So, as Cotton and I walked the paths around our home, we marveled at the eastern sky...
and the western sky, sharing our secret joy of this early morning together.

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CJ said...

Beautiful thoughts and beautiful pictures. Thank you Nancy