Fall Already!

It's a cliche, but true none-the-less...time flies! One minute we're sowing the garden and, in what only seems a matter of days, it's time to preserve and then put it to bed. It's been a busy summer. It seems each year gets busier, and this is no exception. I'm working at warp speed to finish a 2017 calendar...yep, I said 2017! Most of my artwork doesn't show up in the shops until a year later. There needs to be time for revisions, manufacture, marketing and so much more. However, I couldn't let the first day of autumn come without a proper greeting.
My walk this morning made me realize that I should spend more time checking out the latest that nature has to offer and breathe in the fresh autumn air. It is good for the mind and body and so art-worthy!
I can't decide if summer or autumn is my favorite time of year; it's nice that they run into each other and share much of the glory. I especially like October, though. My husband has decided, along with his brother, that he doesn't want to celebrate any more of his birthdays, which is in the beginning of October. I, however, whose birthday is at the end of October, am always looking for a reason to celebrate. I want to celebrate every accomplishment, every victory, every birthday and holiday! This year I am looking forward to one of those milestone birthdays. I can't wait to celebrate it with my family; there's a fun shopping trip planned with new places to try out teas, pastries and all sorts of other goodies. It's nice to have celebrations to present us with pleasures we deprive ourselves of other times of the year. I don't believe calories go straight to the thighs when it is a worthy celebration, do you?
I really must upload some favorite fall recipes soon. I promise to do that, as soon as some art projects are sent to my licensees. Meanwhile, I hope that your first day of fall, and each day after, is filled with moments of awe and joy!


Kristi said...

October is my favorite month. Happy early birthday, Nancy

Kimberlin P. said...

I'm like you and like t8 celebrate everything. Have a fun birthday!

CJ said...

Let's CELEBRATE! I'm with you! Thank you for the uplifting thoughts and I'm looking forward to those recipes.