Patience, My Dear!

Although there are signs that autumn is trying to enter our part of the country early, I say,
"Have patience, my dear!"
Yes, the spring and summer houses scattered throughout our property are vacant;
the renters are enjoying the last of lazy summer days, fluttering among the pines and feasting on sunflowers.
The honey bees have chosen to enjoy the sweet nectar of summer a little longer, too.
The showers have made the "johnies" jump up in the oddest places,
but they can mingle with the summer blossoms until it is their time for the spotlight in a few short weeks! 
Meanwhile there are tomatoes to savor and
the never-ending summer squash and cucumbers. Yep, those are apples in the corner...a few are ready to pick, but I am going to wait at least another week for them to sweeten even more.
Meanwhile, maybe there will be time for one more (maybe two if I'm lucky) lazy afternoons to dream and read and sketch and enjoy the last days of summer 2015!


ShellieD said...

I like the way you think. Happy end of summer.

CJ said...

You're a breath of fresh air Nancy. I will continue to have patience. Thank you.