A Day to Remember

Last Saturday was a picture perfect day in every way. Not only did I get to spend time with my sisters and mom, but they treated me on Saturday to one of the nicest nurseries I've been to. That's saying a lot since I have a habit of breaking for any nursery I see!
If you are in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend stopping by the High Hand Nursery. With relaxing music in the background, it is a treasure for all of the senses; beautiful sights, the smell of spring flowers, birds and music in harmony, and the touch of nature. But wait, you ask what about the sense of taste?
They have a nice restaurant in a large greenhouse that serves a wonderful brunch. A real treat is their homemade potato chips served with a lemon-artichoke dip.
High Hand was a packing plant, called "High Hand Fruit Packing," which was built in 1926. You can see old fruit label signs in their coffee area and throughout the nursery.
Old machinery and delivery trucks are scattered throughout the plants. 
I have enough inspiration to keep me painting for a long time to come...at least until my next visit we're already planning!
Isn't this a cute little rock animal?

I feel very blessed to have such a close family. My mom and three sisters are my best friends. They are not only a lot of fun, but have been there for me throughout my husband's illness and problems these past couple of years. Although I love where I live, I wish that I could be nearer them to share more in their lives. The weekend went way too fast!

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