Coastal Art - A Work in Progress Day 7

Day 7 - Costa Maya, Mexico

Time to get my camera ready for day 7.
 After a pretty ride through this little seaside village, we stopped at a resort to take a class in making three types of authentic salsa. They were hotter than the weather, but "muy delicioso!"
 Costa Maya was a sleepy fishing village prior to a hurricane that destroyed a lot of it years ago. When rebuilding, the residents decided to amend their income with tourism, and now resorts are starting to pop up on this beautiful coast.

I can't believe that it's already time to board the ship to head back home. 
The crew sang and danced all of us back on board. It was quite festive, and yet sad, for tomorrow is the last cruise day and then I fly home. I know work will be hectic with long hours transferring sketches and painting coastal scenes from all of the wonderful sites I've seen. I look forward to showing you the progress of various products that will be manufactured with art from this wonderful trip to the Caribbean. I hope some of it finds its way to your heart and home.

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