Coastal Art - A Work in Progress

Day 1 - New Orleans

Every day that I get to paint is exciting, but today is one of those exceptionally fantastic days. Up by 2 a.m. to catch the plane to New Orleans, I just started my working vacation. I've had requests from various clients for flags, floor mats, puzzles and dishes for tropical coastal art, a very popular theme. It's hard to paint tropical in the heart of Oregon, especially this winter in which we've had record rain. So, I'm headed to the sunny Caribbean via the port of New Orleans for inspiration.
Staying at a hotel near Bourbon Street, I thought I'd check out the French Quarter. "French" vignettes have been popular for many years, so this is a bonus! To the street performers and shop owners disappointment, I passed them up for pictures of the gorgeous ironwork, doors and other architectural features. 
I sketched iron swirls and fleur-de-lis as I had brunch in the courtyard at this beautiful (and delicious) restaurant, The Court of Two Sisters.
I sketched a lot of new borders designs; something that comes in handy for dishes and fabric collections.
"Look UP!" My neck strained looking at balconies and hanging plants that will be a nice touch for a new art collection all in itself. I already can't wait to put my sketches to good use for some new home decor products, and it's only day 1!

This sketch could be turned into a color-book page. Fleur-de-lis are everywhere here! Back to the hotel to sketch ideas before they are lost and to get some much needed rest in preparation for day two...
the start of my Caribbean Cruise!

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KM said...

Now that is what I call a fun job! I look forward to seeing your coast art. Bon Voyage.