In a Pickle

How do cucumbers grow so fast? Just yesterday they were babies. I made the same mistake I do each year of thinking that I had a couple of days before pickling time. But pickling cucumbers wait for no man. In one day the babies grew to pickle size and the rush was on! This morning I canned 13 jars of bread and butter pickles and 5 jars of spicy garlic dills before starting work.
I add a jalapeno pepper to each jar of dills along with a lot of garlic. You can smell them a block away!
It's a welcome coincidence that I was asked to paint some art with a "fresh from the garden" theme; a favorite subject of mine. It's going to be a good day!

A New Day

It's Monday morning; a new day and new work week. I have a clean palette for fresh paint and new art. It's invigorating. What shall I paint?
The flowers in the perennial garden are radiant from the beautiful summer weather we've been enjoying. I think a "Cottage Garden" collection is just what the season and my heart has ordered. Stay tuned for delphinium blue, penstemon coral, daisy white and all sorts of shades of green.

My Art on QVC!

I have enjoyed working with a company, Conimar/Counter Art, for quite a few years. They've manufactured many items with my artwork on them, and recently have made a large collection of products with my "Sunflowers in Bloom" artwork.

One of the products is called "Instant Counter." It's a multitasker which serves many uses in the kitchen; extra counter-top to cover stove coils or burners, serving tray, cutting board, counter-top saver...and the list can go on.
It's presented and sold on QVC and I'm honored to say that my "Sunflowers in Bloom" was one of the few designs chosen. Yes, I am excited and ever so pleased! It's fun to think of the different homes these products go into. 

Just click on this link...Instant Counter on QVC
and you can see the video of the presentation.

I'm very blessed to be able to call painting for home and garden decor my "work." 

That said, I still like a break from painting once in a while to get revitalized and inspired. Since this is the weekend we are celebrating our country's independence, I'll be setting the paint brushes aside and enjoying a nice, long weekend off.